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Stefere Limited
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Spiders collection
spider necklace 18K, black gold 133.19gm, black diamonds 15.83ct, green garnet 2.37ct, spinel 2.00ct
spider bangle 18K black gold 64.10gm, black diamonds 5.08ct,
green garne...
Stefere Aurore Cover Ring
Stefere Aurore Cover Ring in 18K White Gold with 40 White Diamonds and 2 Iolites
Stefere Hibiscus Four-Finger Ring
Stefere Hibiscus Four-Finger Ring in 18K Pink Gold,
19 White Diamonds, 47 Brown Diamonds, 1 Pink Tourmaline, 237 Pink Sapphires and 72 Green Garnets
About the Company:
For over 10 years, Stefere has been designing collections that perfectly blend classic yet contemporary pieces with rock and glamour elements, from simply chic to simply fabulous. The beautiful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail have transformed these stunning gems into timeless... (more)
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