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Woven Stones
Earrings: Tanzanite, Silver Diamond and Opal set in chain-wrapped bezel. In 18k gold.
Ring: Woven Silver and Champagne Diamonds. In 18k gold.
Necklace: Graduated, woven Labradorite necklace....
New Grouping
Necklace: Geometric Aquamarine set in 18k, chain-wrapped bezel.
Ring: Aquamarine ring with woven butterfly shape Blue Diamonds. in 18k gold.
Earrings: Diamond Draped Earrings. Rutilated Quart...
Aquamarine Stunner
A geometric one-of-a-kind Aquamarine is set in chain-wrapped, 18k gold bezel. Chain is made of woven Ethiopian Opals.
About the Company:
Amáli designs have fabric-like sensibility, created by intricately weaving chain with diamonds and gemstones to create rich textures with a lot of movement. This is a technique developed by Sara (designer and founder of Amáli) and not found anywhere outside of the Amáli collection. Each piece... (more)
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