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Giovanni Ferraris
Giovanni Ferraris
Booth Number: 904
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Contact Info:
Phone: 39 0131 233075
Address: Via Prevignano 26
San Salvatore Monferrato 15046
Products and Videos:
Anastasia Collection
The Anastasia is a jewel easy to wear but is the result of a high expression of the goldsmiths art craft It is an acknowledgment of modern femminity,self-assertive and conscious but with the p...
About the Company:
Giovanni Ferraris has seduced the whole world with unique,fine creations which focus on quality and originality:premium-craftsmans hip,bold jewellery,which isn’t afraid to show its true colours.The international market was immediately captivated by GF collections, in fact the company is envied... (more)
Main Contact: Andrea Pellizzari
39 0131 233075
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