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Fri, Sep 16, 2016 12:17 PM
SP Connect: Smartphone Accessories for any everyday adventure
Connect your active life!

Nobody can imagine life without Smartphones anymore. We like to post and re-live all of our adventures. No matter if we’ve just reached the highest mountaintop, finished the perfect workout session or caught the once in a lifetime wave. All adventures are much more precious if we can share them with our friends. SP Gadget is a household name for action camera accessories and stands for the highest quality. The new product line SP Connect, for IOS and Android lets you use your Smartphone just like an action camera and much more – it becomes the ideal companion, no matter how small the adventure is.

SP Connect combines the technology of SP Gadgets and goes one step further to push boundaries – so you can use your Smartphone in completely new ways. The idea is that you don’t have to invest in any new additional tools, you can just upgrade your Smartphone – no matter if you need help multi tasking through your busy day or a partner in crime for all sport and leisure activities. „We have been developing and producing high quality GoPro accessories for many years. This knowledge is the base for the new product line. With SP Connect we succeeded to reach our own very high expectations to combine Smarthphones with everyday and adventure activities .“ says Stefan Hopp, from SP United.

Connect your active life
SP Connect is the world’s most versatile mounting system which features a variety of accessories and mounts. All mounts are compatible and easy to install, with a secure twist and click technique. No matter whether you are a biker, golfer, surfer, snowboarder, skier, runner, photographer or just need help navigating your travel route – SP Connect will help you out. The base of the product line is the SP Phone Case Set for $39.99 which includes a protective phone case and a variety of adapters. All adapters are also suitable for SP Gadget products. So you only need one product and one tool – which means no extra weight and baggage.

The new SP Connect products are available online and at selected sports and electronics retailers.

About SP United

In addition to the newly launched brand “SP Connect” , the SP United Holding AG Group, founded in 1988 in Germany, is also the mother company of the action camera accessory brand “SP Gadgets” and the snowboard binding brand “SP Bindings”. All products are manufactured in company owned production plants in China, Slovakia and Germany, ensuring goods that are of the highest quality standards. This is largely driven by the know-how from the German production plant, which has specialized in parts for the German automotive industry. The group also has its own distributions in Germany, Austria and the U.S.A. R&D, marketing, sales and sourcing are all operated in the Austrian headquarter in Vienna. SP Products are available in over 70 countries worldwide.
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