Sossego | Modern Brazilian Design
Sossego | Modern Brazilian Design
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Sossego’s mission is to move modern Brazilian design forward, sharing the warm, relaxed, and welcoming lifestyle of Brazil - wherever people live, work, and play. Sossego [so-SAY-go] is Portuguese for "a deep tranquility." We celebrate award-winning modern Brazilian designers Aristeu Pires,... (more)
Sossego Cocktail Party
Monday, June 10
4:00 - 7:00pm
The Mart, Suite 1445

Enjoy live Bossa Nova, Brazilian Bites, and Cocktails.
Meet designers Aristeu Pires and Guilherme Wentz.
Categories: FURNITURE - Seating, LIGHTING - Pendants, LIGHTING - Floor / Tables Lamps, FURNITURE - Seating-Stools, FURNITURE - Tables
Toast to Fine Design | June 11, 3-5pm | Floors 6, 14 & 15

Sossego Open House
Experience a moment of Sossego. Enjoy a space to disconnect and experience calm through modern Brazilian designs.
Categories: FURNITURE - Seating, FURNITURE - Seating-Stools, FURNITURE - Seating-Collaborative Chairs, LIGHTING - Pendants, LIGHTING - Floor / Tables Lamps
Brazilian Relaxation Lounge by Sossego

Sossego | Suite 1445
Monday, June 10- Tuesday, June 11, 8 - 5 PM
Wednesday, June 12, 8 - 3 PM

Come up to 14 and experience a moment of Sossego. Sink into deliciously deep, distinctly Brazilian lounge seating by Aristeu Pires. Enjoy a space to disconnect... (more)
Categories: FURNITURE - Seating-Collaborative Chairs, FURNITURE - Seating, TEXTILES - Fabrics, TEXTILES - Leathers, FURNITURE - Tables