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2012 PDN PhotoPlus Expo
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Say goodbye to 3D glasses, forever! Discover true glasses-free 3D cameras, camcorders and media players at the NAV-3D product launch and interactive showcase. Get the full experience by filming yourself in 3D and watching the footage on a NAV-3D digital media player! (Booth #479)
Categories: Cameras (Medium Format/Large Format), Retail Sales (Photographic Equipment), Video (Cameras/Accessories/Specialty Equipment/etc)
About the Company:
Headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, NAV-3D is a leading provider of glasses-free 3D multimedia entertainment devices. From highly portable 3D media players to innovative 3D cameras and camcorders, our products take capturing and sharing three dimensional photos and videos to a whole new level. With NAV-3D's new line of glasses free 3D devices, users can capture and view three dimensional multimedia content in ways never thought possible. Whether you want to watch full HD 3D movies, or share real life experiences in a unique way, NAV-3D provides endless hours of immersive 3D entertainment!
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