Faneema Cutlery
Faneema Cutlery
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A complete line of high-quality hunting, pocket, and kitchen knives, along with Combat and Tactical knives are available from us.  Knives are made from Damascus steel, stainless steel, and high carbon steel

A range of leather products are also available, including high-quality... (more)
You will get a 10% discount on all orders placed during the show on Damascus, high carbon, and stainless steel knives.
Categories: SHOT - Custom Manufacturing, SHOT - Cutlery/Sharpeners/Knives & Accessories, SHOT - Firearm Cases, SHOT - Holsters, SHOT - Leathergoods
You'll get a discount of 10% on leather aprons, gun holsters, cases, and sheaths at the show. We can do custom manufacturing and OEM/ODM as well.
Categories: SHOT - Firearm Cases, SHOT - Holsters, SHOT - Hunting Gear & Accessories, SHOT - Leathergoods, SHOT - Custom Manufacturing
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