2022 Supplier Showcase takes place on Monday, January 17, and Tuesday, January 18 in the Palazzo Ballroom on the 5th floor of the Venetian / Sands Convention Center.
This is for New Suppliers for the 2021 Supplier Showcase only. If you are a returning Supplier from the 2021 Supplier Showcase On Demand, please contact Show Management at SalesMgr@SHOTShow.org for your renewal link.

Only companies with a product or service that is affiliated with or desires to serve the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor or Law Enforcement industries as a supplier will be accepted. Approval is subject to Show Management's review, and will be determined at its sole discretion. Upon approval, Show Management will notify you of approval and send an invoice for the requested exhibit space.

Supplier Showcase Booth Package

Supplier Showcase Booth Package is $3,700 and $350 per corner.

Included in your booth package:

  • 8'x6' Exhibit Space
  • 6' table, two chairs, wastebasket and 7" x 44" identification sign at the Supplier Showcase
  • Two registrations for both the Supplier Showcase and the SHOT Show ($1,500 Value)
  • SmartApp Lead Retrieval App ($550 Value)
  • Electrical (5amps) ($100 Value)
  • Lunch for booth personnel on Monday and Tuesday
  • Listing in Supplier Showcase Pocket Guide, SHOT Show Directory, Mobile App, and Show Planner
  • SHOT Marketing Package ($750 Value)
  • Ability to enter a product into the Supplier Showcase Product Development Center that will be available for all attendees to view throughout SHOT Week (additional $825 fee)

2022 Supplier Showcase Booth Request

Please provide as much information as possible in terms of what you would like to have for your 2022 SHOT Show booth. Show Management may contact you in advance of space selection for further clarification,. If you would like to discuss in detail the request, please indicate as such and provide the appropriate telephone number.
(chars left: 500)
You can view the floor plan at www.SHOTShow.org/supplierfloorplan and list specific booth numbers here.
$350 Corner Fee (if available)
$825 fee

Trade Show Internal Contact:

Trade Show Internal Contact receives all correspondence regarding the SHOT Show Supplier Showcase. All contact information is for internal purposes only and will not be displayed in the directory.
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On Site Contact

Please indicate who to contact on site during the SHOT Show.
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Senior Executive Contact

To best assist with advocacy efforts on behalf of the firearms and shooting sports industry, NSSF is requesting contact information for the executive leadership from each exhibiting company. This will be used for internal purposes only.
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Additional Trade Show Contact:

You may add one additional person to receive all Show Related information.
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Trade Show Bill To Contact:

The following information will be used when generating invoices.
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Company Information:

The following information will be used in the printed Show directory, the SHOT Show Planner and Mobile app, in addition to all other printed materials.
This is the name that will appear on your booth , the SHOT Show printed directory, Show planner and mobile app.
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Company Address

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ONLY choose categories that have a primary category of Supplier.
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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy:
For companies not contracted for the 2021 Supplier Showcase at the time of its cancellation, and do not have rolled over deposits from the 2021 SHOT Show, Exhibitors will be required to submit a deposit of 25% of the requested booth space submitted on the application. Effective upon Exhibitor’s application of booth space, through the priority space selection Show Management shall retain the 25% of 2022 SHOT Show total charges as liquidated damages, in the event of Exhibitor’s application. Upon selecting a booth, it is understood that fifty percent (50%) of the total fees for the booth selected and assigned will be required by June 4, 2021. In the event of Exhibitor’s cancellation following selection of its booth, through August 6, 2021, Show Management shall retain 50% of 2022 SHOT Show total charges, as liquidated damages. The remaining amount for the total booth fees will be due August 6, 2021. If Exhibitor cancels its participation at the 2022 Supplier Showcase, for any reason whatsoever, no refunds are given after August 6, 2021, even if the Show is sold out.

Membership Discount:
To qualify for the NSSF member discount, the Exhibitor must be a Patron, Supporting or Associate Member in good standing of NSSF. Deadline to become a member and receive member discount for the 2022 Show is August 6, 2021.
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After reviewing the License Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations, enter the name of the individual responsible for signing the Application & License for Exhibition and check the box indicating that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

The person ratifying this license expressly represents and warrants to Management that he or she is authorized by the above Company to execute this Application. This person also acknowledges that he or she has read and accepts the rules and regulations as set forth in the License Terms & Conditions.

Please enter the name of the individual responsible for signing the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement
Please click Submit to complete your application. Show Management will review your application and, if approved, will send you an invoice for Supplier Showcase.