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Pristine Technologies
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Here at Pristine, we're a group of highly skilled machinists, engineers, and at our core, avid firearm enthusiasts! We build a reliable, accurate, and high-quality Bolt-Action Receiver that can be used in a precision hunting rifle or a customized long-range tack driver!

The... (more)
Hugs from Corbin!

That's right, Pristine Action's own Corbin Kempenaar, our big loveable Dutchman himself, will be providing FREE boots-off-the-ground-style bear hugs* to all those who place an order at SHOT Show.

* The term 'bear hug' is by no means meant to culturally appropriate the... (more)
Categories: SHOT - Firearms, SHOT - Hunting Gear/Accessories, SHOT - Firearm Barrels/Parts/Gunsmithing, SHOT - Custom Manufacturing, SHOT - Law Enforcement Products/Services
the MeatEater crew will be coming by our booth for a brief appearance sometime Thursday afternoon.
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