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Booth: 40853
Mon, Jan 22, 2024 - 8:00 AM to 8:46 PM
We are specialized in Military and Police Protective Equipments and Sports Protective Equipments as well as Personal Protecive Equipments. Our company has rich experience in these three industries. Our main products include Anti Riot Suit, Anti Riot Helmet, Anti Riot Shield, Gas Mask, Bulletproof Helmet, Bulletprooof Vest, Bulletproof Plate, Bulletproof Shield, Tactical Vest, Army Elbow & Knee Pads, Military Boots, Military Gloves. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop new products to meet different requirements
You can get a 30% discount if you place an order for any of our items during the SHOT SHOW
Categories: Supplier - Fabrication, Supplier - Fabrics, Supplier - Plastics, Supplier - OE materials, Supplier - Finishing
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