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University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of Massachusetts Lowell
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Sharing and Visualizing Data with iSENSE
Learn how to use our PINPoint data generator and phone apps to connect environmental data and upload it to our public website. From there, you can create, document, and share scientific visual...
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Engineering in Sport
Meet the engineers who use high-speed air cannons to study the sports equipment that you use. The UMass Lowell Baseball Research Center breaks bats, dissects baseballs and performs detailed s...
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Climate Change--Greenhouse Gas and Albedo in a bottle
Climate change is real. We all share the same atmosphere, ice and water. What really happens when the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increase? What is the difference in temperature caused b...
Plastics are Fantastic!
From food packaging to life-saving medical devices to cars and cell phones, plastics are found in just about every aspect of modern life. UMass Lowell has the premier educational program in pl...
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Robotics and Voice Recognition
Have you ever imagined having a computer as a teacher? How would you control things if you could not use your arms or hands? How do you give independence to those who rely on feeding assistanc...
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It's a Nano World
What do you do with things that are too small to see? Come learn how our engineers and scientists are using the very, very small for improved medicine, energy, and materials. See how we write ...
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How can you Make a Difference, at UMass Lowell?
UMass Lowell DifferenceMakers™ are students just like you, who want to create sustainable solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Do you want to end world hunger? Help students with...
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Service in Engineering - Rube Goldberg Machine
Did you know Engineering is a helpful profession? At UMass Lowell, Engineering students design and build things to help their community. Come and play with a Rube-Goldberg Machine that a fresh...
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University of Massachusetts Lowell
Come visit the University of Massachusetts Lowell at the Career Pavilion! UMass Lowell is a national research university located on a high-energy campus in the heart of a global community. The...
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