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Shaping Our World
Combining 3D and augmented reality technology with a traditional sandbox, the ‘Shaping Our Worlds’ Augmented Reality Sandbox offers a powerful open-source tool which taps into users’ sen...
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Brain in Action
Your brain is smarter than the smartest computer! Learn how your brain works by watching live recordings of the brain in action. You can also train your brain by doing fun and mind-boggling la...
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Jamming-Based Soft Robotics
NSF funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers drive innovation where basic research creates opportunities for new industrial applications. How fundamental science concepts led ...
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Touch Feedback for Virtual Reality
Tactical Haptics is revolutionizing human-machine interfaces through a new type of touch feedback that is more realistic than industry-standard vibration feedback. The company’s initial targ...
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Dinosaurs and the deep seafloor
The objective of our exhibit is to demonstrate how sediment cores obtained from the deep seafloor can be used to study past events. Students will observe and use critical thinking skills to ex...
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Eight-Legged Encounters
Eight-legged Encounters blends art and science to inspire scientific discovery and increase public understanding of the diversity and evolution of spiders and their relatives. Participants wil...
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Earth Changes from Sand to Sky
See the landscape change - under your hands and from the air. Augmented reality tools and mini-copters show how we are all agents of change in our environments.
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Forecasting Fun
Can you conquer Chaos? Give it a try by experimenting with our compound pendulum and learn why meteorologists have a hard time forecasting the weather.
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Gen Nano: Small Science, Superheroes
Come meet our Generation Nano competition finalists and learn about their nanotechnology-enabled superheroes.
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Going Green! MSOSW
The exhibit will highlight scenarios for conserving energy and reducing the global production of greenhouse gases Stand-by power consumption, also known as Vampire Power, is a rapidly growing ...
Gravitational Waves: New View on the Universe
Discover the amazing story of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, and how LIGO detected ripples in spacetime from colliding black holes a billion light years away - openin...
STEM Guitar Project
The STEM Guitar Project is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project designed to help faculty increase their students' interest and engagement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineerin...
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Little Shop of Physics
Check out the Little Shop of Physics' 50+ hands-on experiment stations. You can explore concepts ranging motion to magnetism, guided by our tie-dye-clad staff.
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Muscles in Action
The Monitor Your Movement exhibit engages participants in an interactive biofeedback experience. With a simple flex of their muscles, participants can see the electrical output generated by th...
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Network Literacy for the Next Generation
We live in a highly connected world that allows instantaneous communication, rapid transport of people and goods, and sometimes the spread of disease. A networked society requires network lite...
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Painting With Polarized Light
Polarized light is all around us and used in everything from sunlasses to LCD televisions to 3D movies. Learn about the curious properties of polarized light and try you hand at creating an ar...
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Pandas and You
"Two decades of studying pandas in a remote corner of China have provided lessons in sustainability that have resonated across the globe. The work is synthesized in the book ""Pandas and Peopl...
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The Science Behind Pixar
Learn about the science, math, and creativity behind Pixar Animation Studio's technical pipeline at three exhibits from the Science Behind Pixar exhibition. Use a touch-screen to build a set f...
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SeeMore: Kinetic Sculpture
Ever wonder what happens "in the cloud" when you conduct a Google Search or send a Tweet? Come meet SeeMore, the 10-foot tall, 1-ton, collaborative brainchild of a computer scientist and an ar...
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Design Squad Global
Get hands-on with Design Squad Global! Try out Seismic Shake-Up: Build a structure and find out whether it will survive an earthquake by testing it out on a shake table. OR Try out Pop Fly: Bu...
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Science Behind the Shield
Superheroes are all around us, and tremendously popular across age groups, gender and cultures. Frequently the superpowers of the heroes are augmented by advanced science and engineering. This...
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Turtle Ants and their Gut Symbionts
How do beneficial bacteria allow the adaptation of remarkable animal features? Increasingly, we are learning that "good bacteria" are the secret to the success of all kinds of animals. The tur...
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The Think Tank
THE THINK TANK is a mobile neuroscience lab and education station designed to accelerate diverse participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We envision a scien...
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Thinking and Tinkering
Whether you are a high school or middle school student, a college student, a parent or just someone with a lot of curiosity, imagine that you can experience the amazing lives of engineers and ...
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WaterSim: Water Simulation Model
WaterSim is a tool that estimates water supply and demand for the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Users can explore how water sustainability is influenced by various scenarios of regional growth, d...
Doppler on Wheels
DOW (Doppler On Wheels) mobile weather radars chase tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, wildfires, floods, and other high impact weather. DOWs travel to where the worst weather is and target it...
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