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Aaron Kennedy
Summit Interconnect - Anaheim
Albert Block
National Instruments
Anthony Lentz
FCT Assembly, Inc.
Arik Vrobel
Arik Vrobel is a seasoned executive with 30+ years in the wiring-harness industry.  He was the former owner and operator of El-Com Systems ( ) , a custom wiring-harness manufacturer that transformed itself into a global leader of electronic interconnects for sophisticated, high-reliability applications and products.  During Arik’s tenure, El-Com Systems generated over $1 billion in sales and became the best-in-class harness supplier for the commercial-space industry.  Reaching close to 500 employees operating out of 4 locations, in 2021 Arik led the sale of El-Com Systems to Winchester Interconnect ( an Aptiv subsidiary.

Arik is passionate about streamlining and simplifying complex products and processes both for customers as well as internal applications....
Benoit Dagenais
Innovative Vehicle Institute
Beverley Christian
HDP User Group
Brad Comstock
International Wire Group-Continental Cordage
Brad Comstock joined International Wire in 2011. He is responsible for increasing company revenue by meeting customer demands and obtaining orders to increase product volume. Brad also handles the Outside Sales responsibilities for the Continental Cordage Division....
Brian Chislea
Dow Corporation
Brian Chislea
Dow Corporation
Brian Toleno