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Hank Yacek
Hank Yacek has held several roles during his career of more than 30 years, with positions ranging from sales, management and owning his own retail establishment to now owning an industry consulting firm....
Heath Shaw
Heath Shaw has more than 22 years of experience in military, law enforcement and commercial live-fire/virtual shooting ranges. He joined Meggitt Training Systems (now InVeris Training Solutions) in 1999, serving in many positions over the years, including training, marketing, international sales and as a subject-matter expert....
Jacquelyn Clark
Owner of Bristlecone Shooting and Training Center located in Lakewood, Colorado 
Jay Porter
Bradley Law
Jeff Chang
Jeff is in his 34th year as a policeman with a career spanning from Los Angeles to the Midwest to his current department in Phoenix. Two-thirds of that time, Jeff has been a sniper both in a police capacity and overseas in combat and contracting environments....
Jeff Seigel
Jeff Siegel has over two decades of experience at all levels of advertising sales, digital media and the outdoor industry. Jeff has established relationships with agencies, publishers, networks, leagues, vendors and distributors....
Jeff Swanson
Jeff Swanson is co-founder and an owner of the “next-generation” shooting range, Wilshire Gun, and the Managing Member of NexGen Range Consulting. A member of NSSF’s Range Action Specialists Team, Swanson is also a regular speaker and writer on shooting range development topics that emphasize diversifying revenue streams across multiple profit centers....
John Clark
John Clark is the Managing Director and co-founder of FFL Consultants, a firm providing expert guidance and support to the firearm industry on topics including state and federal regulatory compliance, operational security, loss and risk management, OSHA, environmental, health and safety practices, profit improvement and business operations....
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